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Geo Fast Forward is exactly what we do: we offer technology, expertise and know-how that is specifically targeted at finding and unlocking valuable geospatial data. We help our clients to make use of the possibilities that such data offers and to market new products or features faster, at reduced efforts and costs. We work close with you and deliver a customized solution, for example by integrating with existing products. A collaboration with us usually starts with an open-ended pilot; when it's a success we explore and offer long-term solutions (which can take form of consultancy, access to our data products, custom-made API’s, …)

Demo: Holiday Finder

We've made a data driven travelling assistant, which helps to choose the next destination with your ideal temperature, elevation and distance to the beach.

This is as a good example of what can be easily developed using our Geo-FF platform. It leverages two major capabilities that complement each other: GeoSearch and GeoZoom. The platform is web and mobile ready.


Helps to find the regions that have certain features of match defined criteria such as average monthly temperature, distance to coast, elevation, etc.


Gets you the available location based information for a given location or a GeoSearch region.

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